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Thanks for stopping. Here are a few new things to share with you... greg wollan 2014

Thanks for stopping by my webpage. It has been out of commission for a few years, but with the help of fellow New Commandeer Bruce Bailey, it is up and running again! I just wanted to let you all know that we in New Command have a brand new project out, called "Imperfect Heroes." Having done 9 (or is 10?) cd's now, it's clear the "New Command" approach works pretty well: shorter more accessible songs (for the most part!) and more direct and less dense arrangements and ornamentation than my progressive rock music. (Once again... for the most part!)

Much of the music on this release is solo gw penned, but almost half comes in the form of collaborations with Bruce Bailey (bass/cello/vocal) and former member Bob Knight (lap steel, bouzouki, mandolin.) Hope you will enjoy this new music. I'm hoping to have more content here in the near future and maybe even release/premier new music projects here, so keep an eye open to

So any of you who know me well are perhaps aware of my unparalleled business savvy, my cutting edge marketing sensibilities ...NOT. But who knows how much longer making and pressing cd's will be a viable business model for projects I am involved in; even on my small scale it may be time to go more virtual; But if this is the route I decide to take, perhaps I need to get clarity on the reason I have held on this long to actually pressing cd's. This is what I have come up with: it is because it gives me something tangible to hold onto and say to meself: "I remember when it (any cd project) was just a twinkle in his dad's eye." (my eye, that is) There does seem to be something gratifying in conceiving, then writing, recording and mixing these songs into a coherent whole of sorts... and then being able to hold it, play and say... "I did it, it's done!"

Greigor Wollanziak Music and Walrus Gumboot Records enthusiastically present Greg's new Progressive Rock Epic "Symphony of Light." - His 8th cd release of original music. From energetic , driving rock to lyrical English folk- rock to orchestral passages and solo acoustic pieces, this disc represents a pinnacle in Greg's writing, playing and production. "SOL" sees the return of drummer Wendell Henry, (Michael McDonald, Chaka Khan, and Toby Mac) New Command Bassist Bruce Bailey, Minneapolis reeds man Keith Hanson on alto sax and clarinet, and old bandmate Mark Heine on 8 string bass, along with a plethora of other musical guests. If you like music that is adventurous, holds a surprise or two and only gets better with repeated listening, "Symphony of Light" is for you! Check out a few samples.

Instrumentality 1
Instrumentality 2
Under the Juniper Tree
Under the Juniper Tree Reprise
The Raging Sea of Self
The Raging Sea of Self Reprise
That Sweet Refrain
Symphony of Light
Thou Hast Come Far

Download: In Memory of Tim

This is a piece I wrote for classmate Tim Smedstad after his passing in 2008; It began with my pondering on how I might, in my own small way, produce something that would honor him. He and I had this in common: a love for nature. He expressed this love of nature thru his passion for hunting/ fishing/golfing. My immersion into the beauty of nature is realized in cross country skiing/ biking and writing music influenced by the whimsy, sorrow, beauty and power found in God's creation. This neo-classical piece is called simply "In Memory of Tim." I am reminded of this quote: "God gave us music so that we might pray without words." I do the guitars and string orchestrations; Bruce does the cello and Heather adds the violin. Feel free to download at no cost. This song will be included on my soon to be released "Symphony of Light" cd

Brother Paul
Just Be Still
Solomon's Colonnade
Fellow Travelers
Here are some free downloads from my band New Command's cd titled "Damascus Journey..." - hot off the presses at this time. Two songs and two instrumental pieces for ye. You can support this cd if you wish by going to cd baby/Amazon or itunes, or contacting me directly. Otherwise, download away!




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